Owning in Paradise !

Paradise is Waiting

in Puerto Peñasco Mexico


My family discovered this paradise just 66 miles south of the border and being able to live on the Sea of Cortez at the Sonoran Resorts is a dream come true.  Growing up in So. California, both my husband and I lived most of the time in areas close to the beach, but it was never affordable for us to own on the beach.  When we were transferred to Colorado 20+ years ago, we then would vacation in San Felipe, Baja CA a few times a year with our children and RV.  Years later, we saw a friend's vacation pictures and were told of this place called Puerto Peñasco, aka Rocky Point, which is right across the sea from San Felipe.  At the time, our college bound daughter and I flew to Phoenix, rented a car and a girls road trip was on (the husband and son were too busy in late August to come along).  As she navigated our way south, we found paradise, even in late August! We called back to Colorado and told my husband to grab the checkbook. 10 days later, we were proud owners of our 1st condo; fast forward 5 years to our 2nd condo at the Sonoran Resorts and we've found paradise year round in Peñasco!


It is my passion for Peñasco and all it has to offer, that I now proudly represent the Sonoran Resorts on Sandy Beach and would love to share my knowledge with those interested in finding their paradise in Peñasco too.  The Sonoran Developers have the longest and best reputation on Sandy Beach.  There are four Sonoran Resorts, Spa, Sea, Sun, and Sky  are all completed, and the HOAs do an outstanding job maintaining our investments.  As an owner and a Sales Consultant, I work closely with the HOA administrator at each resort as well. 


Once you become a member of the Sonoran Resort Family, I am always here to answer any question that you may have, from when is the best time to look for the dolphins, who to hire for new tile work, or who to call to come cook dinner in your condo for a dinner party?  I do not just hand over the keys to your investment; you become my neighbor and friend.  It doesn't matter how often you visit paradise, I will always be here to welcome you back and we can share the latest happenings in paradise, as that's what neighbors do.


I am always looking for new neighbors on Sandy Beach

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Jennifer S. Ridsdel

 Real Estate Consultant

Sonoran Resorts

US  Cell  (719) 237-3170

Mex Cell (638) 109-5319